Corporate Headshots and Portraiture

Getting great, impactful Portraits requires the ability to garner an instant rapport to the person in front of the Camera’s Lens, and also knowing when to press the Shutter to capture the perfect moment. Making the sitter feel comfortable is key to the Photographic Portrait process and it is a skill that is learnt over many years of Commercial Portrait work. Marcus has been commissioned extensively as a corporate headshot and portrait photographer for many years and enjoys the production process. He employs a relaxed and non pressurised approach to the location shoot and will persist with the subject until they are happy with the results. Marcus strongly believes your team should be happy with the way they look on your website or marketing materials and considers the most important thing is to turn a potential nerve racking day into one that is fun and motivational.

His clients include The CQI, UK and Euopean Investments and Leigh Day

Marcus charges for a block amount of time allocated to the Photo-Shoot; as a rule of thumb, a Professional Portrait Photographers day is usually broken into full or half day rates. When considering the negotiated fee one must remember that it includes the travel to the location, the mobile studio set up and also the production of the Headshot, Portrait, Action or Group Photograph, and usually the Photoshop and Processing too. In most cases he will require approximately twenty to thirty minutes to set up your location studio, and this should be factored when working out approximate costs.

Marcus fully realises that every commission is unique, as are budgets, and with this in mind please do call for a friendly chat or use the Free Consultation Page to discuss the details of your shoot.