Hege Morris   at work in her studio.
 The Morris family home in the kitchen at breakfast time.
 Hege Morris's studio work-space featuring vintage furniture and modern detailing. 
 Studio detail shot using available light for a clean natural finish.
 Magnus in his bedroom which was designed and styled by   Hege Morris  .
 Bed detail showing a selection of plush toys and bright yellow paint scheme.
 Colourful storage solutions for a childs bedroom.
 Living room detail shot of an occasional table with a zinc top.
 Entering the bathroom, showing the door detailing with a very low depth of field to highlight the door.
 A classic roll top metal bath with shabby chic styling.
 A modern corner sofa paired with a 1950's styled coffee table.
 A shabby chic themed room at it's centre a worn leather chair.
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