Sandra Goosens ECA International
Matt Gantley
Resh Plaha
Alastair Brown, VP Marketing
Dr Sarah Shah
Mike Turner, Oakland Consulting
Gary Illingwoth
Boardroom portrait of Andrew Palmer
Georgina Luke, Director at Gem Creative Services.
Dr Lisa Setchell
Leigh Day
Head of Quality, Iam Mitchell
FactSet Research Systems
Mr Ian Mitchell, CQP, FCQI
Barnaby Kelham
Mike Eliot, Director of Corporate Development
Andrew Plamer, Managing Director of Gravitas Matrix
Mr John Stacey, UK and European Investments
Dr John HR Brook
Mrs Sharon Reher
Leigh Day meeting shot
Bombardier's Mr Stephen Bruce and Paul Burkholder on a grey graduated background.
Receptionist at her desk in black and white
Mr Abe Smith, CEO and founder of IOCS Systems.
Brook Medical Pratice, staff portrait
Casual editorial image for Quality Worl Magazine.
Ms Valerian Spicer
Sharow Capital, Mr Guy Speir
Angus Wade and Guy Speir, Sharow Capital
Boardroom meeting photo on location at Leigh Day
Corporate portrait with the royal exchange as backdrop
Prospect Business Centres, Mr Charlie Cudworth.
Sharow Capital
Sharon Fensome-Rimmer, HFEA
Leonardo team shot for magazine cover
Leonardo, Electronics, Defence and Security Systems
Metrix Labs
Leigh Day, Manchester
Nuvia Graduates
CQI Staff Headshots
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