Gartner Ltd Photo-Challenge...

On a photo assignment at Gartner Ltd, Egham, today, my task to photograph 118 corporate portraits in a 40 minute lunch break. A quite liberating photoshoot in that one had to ditch the niceties and get down to business, reminded me of my old portrait studio days at Covershots International!

Senior management photo-shoot at IOCS Systems

Some of the friendly portraits of management team at IOCS Systems...


A lesson in managing client expectations of retouching...

Here is an example of the client asking for a lot without the budget to justify the amount of image editing involved. The pictures show a before and after drop-in to a board room shot. The image was sent back and forth in various states of retouching until the final image, see below, was accepted. However the individual portrait I had been tasked to drop into the shot had been executed under completely different conditions, making the finish incredibly difficult to achieve.


Liberal Democrat Fundraiser Event at Pembroke Lodge

A thoroughly enjoyable fundraiser event at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park photographing the event and meeting the Liberal Democrat benefactors.

Tales on Moon Lane 'Tin Year' Anniversary at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Here are a few images of an event I photographed at the Dulwich Picture Gallery…Creative fun at the Dulwich Picture Gallery with Tamara McFarlane and her team, celebrating, with gusto, the ten year anniversary of the 'Tales on Moon Lane' book shop.