Interior living room space shot for Caldera Construction Ltd for a community housing project in Stamford Hill
Experience Labs: Insight Lab
  Brooklands Property Holdings Ltd  organised a shoot day for their high end rental properties across the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I used a 17mm prime lens and several small flash units to light each property.
 A modern interior in a loft apartment in Kensington. The architects opened up the eaves of the roof to give a sense of space and structural beauty within the room. 
 This image is from a series I shot for  James Andrew Residential . 'The Arthouse' is a serviced high end apartment near to Kings Cross Station. This image was shot in winter at dusk with a small flash to light the foreground.
 'The Arthouse' shot for  J.A.R . Photographed at night, showing the new building along with the new construction to it's left. The shutter was held open for five seconds to allow the available light to register on the sensor
 Battersea Power Station on the Southbank of the River Thames. It was shot in early spring, at five o'clock in the morning using film in a Hasselblad 6x6 camera .
 Blue Bridge, Millwall, on a sunny day. This shows three of the old cranes used when the Thames was a busy shipping port. In the background is Canada Water.
 Traditional and classic interior design for a high end apartment in Chelsea. Shot using a range of flash units and a wide angle prime lens.
 Modern classic interior with many stylistic influences were to be found in this huge apartment in Kensington. The high ceilings add to the sense of space which gave the wide angle lens a lot of room to draw the eye into the shot.
Experience Labs, London
 Interior office shots for  Prospect Business Centres  to showcase a range of facilities for their serviced office business.
A kitchen interior of a community housing project, shot for Caldera Construction Ltd
 Bathroom refurbishment for  Brooklands Property Holdings Ltd  at a property in Kensington.
 A property serviced by  J.A.R . This was photographed in the 'golden-hour' before sunset. The camera was on a tripod for a three second exposure.
 This brochure image was commissioned by  Londonnewcastle  with whom I have worked for a number of years. It depicts a modern apartment in Islington. I was commissioned to shoot the exterior as well as the show apartment styled by  Daniel Poole . 
 Arthouse interior detail highlighting the designer aspect of the refurbished building in the heart of London.
 Another Arthouse detail photographed for J.A.R showing the communal aspect of the apartment renovation.
 Interior designed by  Daniel Poole  for  Londonewcastle  at the penthouse show apartment on  Arundel Square  London
 Detail of the show apartment penthouse on  Arundel Square
  Prospect Business Centres , Becket House, depicting the serviced office space for marketing purposes and their forthcoming website redesign.
 Formerly the Chiswick 500 Centre but it is now been demolished to make way for new apartment blocks. I photographed this for  London Newcastle  to promote the serviced office business occupying the building at the time.
 Photographed for  Prospect Business Centres  to highlight the services they provide to their prospective clientele. 
 Entrance detail at Datchelor School residential conversion for  James Andrew Residential
 The London Eye shot from the Southbank of the river Thames on a bright sunny day with a polariser filter.
 The Shard as photographed from on top of a building on Queen Elizabeth Street. Commissioned by London Newcastle for a marketing prospectus.
 Interior designer  Ellie Weidman  styled this show apartment on Arundel Square on behalf of  London Newcastle . The apartments were marketed towards young professionals and feature artworks from young urban artists.
 Arundel Square communal garden showing the apartment building and a dog running across the frame. This was photographed to highlight the green space just outside of the new build.
 Here is the penthouse apartment on Arundel Square showing a part of the 180 degree view over the park.
 Arundel Square penthouse apartment, Islington. 
 Photographs of artwork at  London Newcastle HQ  in Evelyn Yard W1 .
 Shot for  Great Portland Estates  a newly refurbished office mews in Central London.
  Prospect Business Centres  new office refurbishment at their Leadenhall site, photographed for marketing purposes. 
 Arc Court, Barnet, London. Photographed for  D.S Emotion
 Detail shot to highlight the luxury branding at the Arthouse build at Kings Cross, London.
  Becket House  serviced offices in the City of London
  Becket House  exterior. Shot on a slow shutter speed to emphasize the sense of movement and action. 
 Royal Oak Yard in Bermondsey, London.  Photographed for  Galliard  on behalf of London Newcastle.
 Embassy Court Interior photographed to emphasize the luxury branding and concierge service as supplied by  James Andrew Residential.
 Embassy Court, St Johns Wood, London. Shot for  J.A.R  for marketing their services.
 Lexington Apartments, City Road, London. On behalf of J.A.R for their luxury concierge service advertising.
Caldera Construction Ltd
Commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
Crayford Mews, Commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
Commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
Attic conversion by Caldera Construction Ltd
Guildford Baptist Church Chapel, commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
Guildford Baptist Church exterior
Guldford Baptist Church Chapel skylight
Caldera Construction Ltd
Guildford Baptist Church Chapel
Caldera Construction Ltd
Horley Baptist Church, Surrey.
Commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
Horley Baptist Church
Horley Baptist Church meeting room.
Commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
Commissioned by Caldera Construction Ltd
St Andrews Church, Burgess Hill.
Bedroom Interior at Coborn Rd, Bow.
Kitchen at a high end property in Tower Hamlets.
St Andrews Baptist Church, Burgess Hill, Surrey.
Wood Interior and staircase in Beatty Rd, London.
Merland Rise Baptist Church refit.
Stage construction at St Andrews Church, Burgess Hill, Surrey.
Experience Lab Interior shoot
Experience Labs
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