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Being a portrait photographer enables Marcus to meet many different and interesting people. For Marcus this has been the driving force behind his ambition and drive to create a career from photography and specifically portraiture.

Marcus’s interest in photography started while studying a fine art foundation course at Ravensbourne. He found photography’s immediacy highly productive and exciting. One must remember this was before the inception of the digital camera and as such he found magic in the chemical process, this, coupled with its range of pungent and somewhat noxious fumes in a darkened space, had him hooked.

He went onto study at Rochester which was a very good commercially oriented course. Students were encouraged to explore various aspects of the Photographic Industry and inevitably he chose portraiture as his specialisation of choice. At his final year show he exhibited some fairly dubious self portraits in his portfolio along with some other portraiture work. He had also embraced digital image editing and scanning which allowed an expansive use of the darkroom in the digital realm. His portraiture became highly illustrative as he tended to use the portrait prints or negatives as a basis for larger more montage oriented pieces.

The creative desire to break the image down and to rebuild it led him to enrol at Bournemouth College of Art which was a more fine art based course. It was here that Photographic Portraiture took a backseat and abstraction both visually and conceptually drove his creative explorations. In contrast to the Photography Course at Rochester the faculty promoted a less rigid approach to image creation with the creative direction being left largely up to the individual. The mentoring ethos was very freeing and would have a lasting effect on his approach to his photographic work lasting to this day.

As a commercially successful photographer Marcus enjoys regular Portraiture shoots in and around London, and also further afield. He also enjoys regular repeat work from a range of clients from editorial magazine photoshoots as well as corporate portraiture gigs. He has a highly relaxed, unpressurerised, yet professional approach to the photographic commissions he undertakes and will always produce the result that the client expects.

Marcus takes great professional pride in his portraiture work, it is something you can rely on.

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