Group Portrait at TPG Headquarters in Harrow, London.

Here we have a quick turnaround Portrait commission shot at the beginning of this week of the management team at TPG in Harrow, London. As we were shooting on location at their HQ and not in a studio with an infinity cove, I was required to Photograph three groups of individuals and retouch them into a single Group Portrait.


Backplate retouching shot over the weekend for new sports related project

This is my first backplate test shot for a new sports related photographic project. I am looking for candidates to take part in studio sessions in order to comp and edit into the shot using Photoshop. This was taken at St Annes Hospital in Haringey in the disused part that has recently been earmarked for we have more ugly and boring houses to look forward to that will inevitably replace the late Victorian buildings.


Liberal Democrats limited edition postcard production day...

Helping the Lib-Dem's with a limited edition quid pro quo artwork today. It is to be printed on their Riso screen printing machine so Pantone Solid Colour 1235C is the 'couleur de jour'. A little bit of Image Editing and Photoshop work was required to update and re-imagine the shot as political propaganda.

A lesson in managing client expectations of retouching...

Here is an example of the client asking for a lot without the budget to justify the amount of image editing involved. The pictures show a before and after drop-in to a board room shot. The image was sent back and forth in various states of retouching until the final image, see below, was accepted. However the individual portrait I had been tasked to drop into the shot had been executed under completely different conditions, making the finish incredibly difficult to achieve.